Master Sintorn Chaichakan
The first principal of Old Medicine Hospital in 1962

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Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj
"Develop Thai Medicine to International"
Under the Supervision of the Thai Ministry of Education & Thai Ministry
of Public Health

In 1962, Mr. Sinthorn Chaichakan was founded the Classic Thai Medicine Clinic,
at his own residence on Phra Pok Klao Road in Chiang Mai Province where
Thai Medicine Clinic were given to our patients and Thai Medicine Training
course were given to anyone interested.

In 1969, The Classic 10 beds Thai Medicine Hospital was established at
two-storey building in the compound of Wat Nantaram Temple, the located is
in Hai Ya Sub-district, Muang District, Chiang Mai.
In 1973, at presented, The Classic Thai Medicine Hospital was relocated to
address 238/1 Wua Lai Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai (Across Old
Chiangmai Cultural Center)

In 1974, the establishment of The Assosiation for Classic Thai Medicine
Practitioner in the North was registered Mr. Boonlert Samranbamroong is the
chairman and Mr. Wason Chaichakan, Committee Secretary of
The Association. There were founded the members around 9,000 people

In 1984, The Shivagakomarpaj Foundation, Classic Remedy Hospital in the
North was registered Mr. Sinthorn Chaichakan is the Committee Chairman
and His son, Mr. Wason Chaichakan is the Committee Secretary of the

In 2000., The Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj was registered
according to the regulations of The Thai Ministry of Education with the
License Manager for Mr. Wason Chaichakan and Mr. Sinthorn Chaichakan as
the Principal of the School (During 2006, The Principal was changed to
Mr. Wason Chaichakan at the present who has been follow up the objectives

                                     Master Sintorn Chaichakan    
  1. To conserve Thai Massage because it is indigenous knowledge
2. To develop the students know and understand about Thai Massage
3. To have the students apply their Thai Massage skills to treat their
healths and families as well as making a living out of it.
4. To make the students have a good attitude toward Thai Massage Fields.
Name Mr. Wasan Chaichakan
Licensee / Director
The Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj
238/8 Wualai Road, Tumbol Hai Ya, Amphur Muang,
Chiang Mai 50100 Thailand
Tel: 66 53 275 085 Fax: 66 53 201663
Education *Diploma on Applied Traditional Medicine
Ayurved School (Shivagakomarpaj)
*Diploma on Traditional Medicine
Rajamongkol Technology Institute
*Bachelor of Thai Traditional Medicine
Sukhothaithammathiraj University
License *Applied Traditional Medicine (ATM.90)
*Traditional Medicine (TM.15431)
*Traditional Phamacy (TP.13389)
*Traditional Thai Massage (T.TM.48)
Experience *Chairman of The Association of Thai Massage, Chiang Mai
*Committee / Secretary of The Foundation of
Dr. Shivagakomarpaj,The Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai
*Committee / Secretary of The Northern Traditional
Medico Association
*Committee of The Applied Traditional Medicine Association
*Subcommittee of Thai Massage Professional Education,
Ministry of Public Health
*Subcommittee of Thai Traditional Medicine Standard
Development, Ministry of Public Health
*Subcommittee of Thai Traditional Medicine Processor in
Chiang Mai
*Lecture visitor of Thai Traditional Madicine Institute,
Ministry of Public Health
*Lecture visitor of Phamacy Faculty, Chiangmai University
*Lecture visitor of Health Scient Faculty
Sukhothaithammathiraj University
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